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Can You Salvage A Relationship After A Breakup?

Ken writes about his breakup: “Is is possible to salvage a relationship when my ex is already involved with another man? I still have much love in my heart for her.”

Short answer – NO. I know, it’s hard to accept it. And even harder to move on. Even if you’re still very much love her. But your ex has clearly moved on already. It’s time you do the same – with dignity.

It’s time to lick your wounds, get up, dust yourself off,  and get on with your life. 

resetNow, I could tell you that things will get better, life can be awesome, there are plenty of other great women out there who would be thrilled to find a good man like yourself…. But I know you can’t really hear me, let alone accept it as possible right now.

So my suggestion would be to just take it one day at the time. Do the best you can with what you have. Take these trying, difficult times as a chance to rebuild your life. Start fresh.

Reconnect with old buddies. Reach out to family. Learn some thing new and cool. Visit a place you’ve never been. Listen to new music. Get a book you’d normally not read.

Do something different. Change. Experiment. EXPLORE. And as you re-discover life, you just might re-discover LOVE as well.

Wishing you relief and healing on your journey!



One thought on “Can You Salvage A Relationship After A Breakup?”

  1. Sadly some of us don’t get over a broken heart 100 percent but instead are left with a permanent scar. For some it is truly traumatic and no amount of counselling can change the impact on us at the subconscious.I couldn’t believe how I recently – after 30 years had a dream that I was getting married to my ex wife. How powerful is that in terms of the subconscious holding to the past. I believe this truly a traumatic event that burnt into the long term memory part of the brain. In cases like my I would recommend hypnosis or a very good partner who understands the impact that this relationship loss had on you. In my case I have to carry this on my own and know that I will never be truly free of the past. Possible hypnosis might be worth trying and is on my list. Good luck to those of you in my situation.

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