Peace Of Mind After a Break Up

Life can be tough as it is, dishing out impossible deadlines, crawling traffic, unpaid bills, dreadful weather, worries about money, looming exams… But nothing comes close to the emotional and physical turmoil of a divorce or a break up. It crushes you to your soul. It paralyzes you. It keeps you frozen in time without  strength or desire to move forward. You feel numb inside and there is no way out of the darkness.

Author Allison Mac offers tips to help you calm the storm, rein in the emotions and have more inner peace.

Set Limits and Slow Down

Innder peace after a break upLife can be filled with a thousand things to do in a day, each one more important than the next. If you do not set limits you will be over worked, over burdened and over drained. Decide on what is most important to accomplish and set your limits so that you are able to get them done. This may mean saying no to some people and it may mean saying no to yourself (such as checking your emails 20 times a day).

Prioritize, set your limits and slow down the pace. This will take a huge load off your mind and allow your body to relax a little. Set a small amount of time aside in between each task to take a few deep breathes, chew your food and stretch your body. Doing this alone will make a big difference in your state of mind.

Adopt a Relaxation Technique

Everyone needs a good relaxation technique that works for them. There are numerous to choose from and you may need to try one or two to find one that fits into your lifestyle. Some popular choices are:

  • meditation
  • deep breathing
  • visualization
  • exercise
  • brainwave audios

Declutter and Simplify

It is amazing what decluttering your house and especially your work space can do for your mind. Put a little bit of time aside to declutter your living space and you will find that your mind is clearer, more focused and relaxed. This simple procedure makes a world of difference when trying to achieve inner peace.
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My world was turned upside-down after my break up. Doing something as simple as cleaning my office was a welcomed distraction. Keeping busy helped me shift my focus, relax my mind and do something productive. I realized that feeling calm and peaceful wouldn’t just happen — it required conscious effort every day. But following a few simple steps eventually led me out of the misery and depression back to a balanced life.



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