How To Get Over A Break Up Quickly, Heal a Broken Heart,
And Rediscover Love



Heartbreak – the worst pain is the pain of a broken heart

Break up… Divorce… There is no pain like heartbreak when a relationship ends. Whether you were together a few months or many years. It hurts like hell and the entire world comes crushing down on you, right? All those hopes and dreams — gone!

You can’t eat, you can’t sleep, you can’t breathe, you can’t go on. Life becomes a hazy glob of days filled with dull pain in your chest, a knot in the stomach, feelings of anger, hurt, and sadness. You cry and cry until you run out of tears.

Yes, they say “time heals all wounds” but it just doesn’t seem to get much better with time, does it? The edge of the pain and feelings of rejection and hurt are not as sharp after a while, but it never really goes away: the loneliness (even when you’re with family or friends), the emptiness, and the intense heartache.


Your thoughts are full of FEAR of the future:

  • I can’t believe this is happening to me
  • I will never love again
  • I will never meet anyone like that again
  • I will never TRUST anyone
  • I miss my ex
  • I’m too old, overweight… <insert your biggest fear here>

  • I will have to settle or compromise
  • I don’t want to DATE again
  • What if I end up alone (and lonely)?
  • I will get hurt again
  • My pain will NEVER heal
  • I’m not good enough


heart chakra
Maybe you’re still in love with your ex and part of you wants to go back even though deep inside you already know it’s really over. But the idea of dating again makes you sick in the stomach. If this all sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. Like you, I’ve been through the pain and agony of a divorce (after a fourteen-year marriage) and a painful breakup. Yes, it hurts and it is emotionally very draining. That’s the bad news….

The good news is you don’t have to suffer for years, or EVEN MONTHS, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on therapy or settle for less than a perfect partner. Life is too short for all that pain and misery.There are no accidents — you and I didn’t meet by chance. You’re here because you want to change. You’re ready to let go of all those painful feelings.


You want to breathe again. Smile again.

Live. Laugh. Enjoy life. And LOVE AGAIN.

Lovers in love

Love with all your heart. Love and feel loved like you’ve never felt before. With no compromising. No settling for less than perfect (even if that feels like an impossible dream right now).

You’re craving — deep in your core an awesome relationship. Lasting, passionate and loving union. A bond based on complete trust and honesty. You may have doubts that it even exists. And yet… You’ve been searching until you’ve found me.

I would like to be your guide on your journey if you accept my invitation.

I’ll show you every single step to stop the torture, let go of the pain, and heal your heart. And once you feel whole and strong again, I’ll guide you to your ideal partner — your soul mate of your dreams.

The perfect ONE who gets you, understands you, respects you, LOVES you for who you are… The ONE who is looking for YOU right now.


Soon YOU will be whole again, healthy again, happy again.

And it doesn’t have to take years or even months. You can be well along the way in a few weeks. Looking back at these dark times with a sense of relief. It will soon feel only like distant memory or a bad dream…


Domino Logo The Domino Solution

Domino is a brand-new system based on a powerful next-generation technology that will quickly change the way you feel.

Easy steps, like game pieces that will quickly heal your heart, sooth the pain, bring balance and joy back into your life, and help you re-discover love. I have  personally developed and used Domino to go from a devastating heartbreak to relief, joy and the love of my life — yes, the ONE.


Domino Healing Soundscapes

The combined power of 5 amazing tools packed into one
advanced audio technology 

meditation to heal heartbreak


No doubt, you already know the benefits of meditation. When you meditate, your brain waves shift and you enter a deeper level of consciousness. Some people also use specific memories or emotions. Buddhist and Hindu monks are known to chant mantras. But no matter what method you use, the biggest challenge you’ll face with meditation is staying in the Alpha level long enough to enjoy the benefits of meditation.

Some pack up their bags and travel to remote ashrams in India with no electricity or running water. Some spend thousands of dollars on expensive meditation instructors. But most people never find the perfect solution. Until now….

Domino will put your in a pleasant, relaxed meditative state in just a few moments. You will effortlessly let go of all that chatter in your head. All the stress, worries and pain will melt away.


  • "Nothing has ever opened my eyes like meditation has. It makes me calm and happy, and it gives me some peace and quiet in what’s a pretty chaotic life!"–- Hugh Jackman, Hollywood  Actor


You already know that your thoughts become things–and that your mind is the key to your ideal reality. But let’s be real—if the science of visualization and manifesting really is the key to all the abundance and love your mind can imagine…

Why is your life still a roller coaster of ups and downs? And why aren’t you already in your ideal relationship?

The problem 9 in 10 people have with visualization is that it only happens in flashes without consistency or control. Domino will transport you instantly into the magical worlds of mind movies where change is easy.

Your imagination powered by your desires will unlock your unconscious dreams and turn them into reality.

Getting over break up - beach



healing heartbreak mind AFFIRMATIONS and NLP

When you fail to program your subconscious mind, all those hidden negative beliefs and paradigms embedded in your subconscious will sabotage your reality—often without you even realizing it. That means the relationship pattern will repeat again – different face but the same experience.

The Domino System creates a direct line to your subconscious mind using affirmations and Neuro-Linguistic Programing. It replaces your old negative programming — all those core beliefs that have kept you stuck in one place. You will install new, powerful beliefs and feel a surge of relief, joy, self-confidence and inner power.

You will literally use the power of your mind to get what — and WHO you want.


The Alpha level is the state most commonly associated with relaxation and meditation. The challenge most people face is staying in this state. Mind chatter and stray thoughts, for example, can easily drop you out of it. So can physical restlessness, pent up stress and mental fatigue — all common during a breakup or a divorce.

 Domino System eliminates mental chatter, and make restlessness a non-issue. It will help you stay in a deep, relaxing Alpha level with almost effortless ease. You will experience deep, tranquil, uninterrupted Alpha levels at the push of a button. You will relax your muscles and organs, and de-clutter your mind.

It will help you sleep better and get more rest. The result is total mind and body rejuvenation, near-immunity to the stress and pressure of everyday life, and an open, healthy heart that’s ready for love.

massage for heart and soul

It is like a massage for your heart and soul.

getting over break up audio


Domino uses the latest audio technology. Unlike other existing meditation or visualization programs, it incorporates advanced heartbeat synchronization and ambient sound technology.

In plain English, that means when you listen to Domino audio on your mp3 player, you effortlessly enter and stay in the relaxed Alpha level – all in a matter of minutes, and all with ZERO struggle, practice, experience or equipment.

It’s as easy and natural as blinking your eyes. It’s a relaxed state like you’ve never experienced it before.

healing heartbreak ipod
Binaural Beats
Specially engineered sounds that are scientifically proven to positively affect brain wave patterns

Magical worlds with real sound of streams, forests, meadows, and beaches

3-D Audio
Advanced spatial sounds that will wrap around you like a comfortable blanket

Guided Visualizations and Meditations
Soft, gentle hypnotic words that harmonize your mind, heart, body and soul

Soothing Music
Beautiful relaxing music that infuses consciousness and touches your soul



Healing heartbreak headphonesFour Domino Tracks To Heal Your Heart

Sooth your discomfort and worries and replace them it with peace of mind, optimism, confidence and love. How does it work? Just put on a pair of headphones before you go to sleep, relax and listen for 15-20 minutes. You will be instantly transported to four magical worlds of Soundscapes where change is easy:

getting over break up 1

You will find almost instant relief from the pain your breakup or divorce has been causing you. You will cut all unhealthy connections that are holding you captive.Using the special audio you will go on a journey to the tranquil forest. In its cool stream you will effortlessly release all your anger and disappointment.

You will find comfort, forgiveness and peace of mind. All your dark, painful emotions and NEGATIVE THOUGHTS will be dissolved.

getting over breakup 2

On the second journey you will enter your own private sanctuary with a magical tree. Here you’ll restore your joy, harmony and sense of balance in your mind and in your body. You will regain focus and confidence. You’ll increase your inner strength and power.You will bring much needed rest to your soul and to your body.

You will cleanse and heal your battered heart. You’ll engage the power of the Universe and touch the heart of your soul mate.

Getting over break up 3

Third journey will be down the river to the Island of the New Dawn where you’ll meet a mystical shaman. He’ll help you shed the shackles of your past, burn old beliefs that are holding you back and install new powerful ones: confidence, a sense of worthiness, hope, love, passion, and happiness.

You will feel genuinely sexy, beautiful and wanted. Worthy of an awesome love.

getting over break up 4

On the final step of the journey to love, you will come to your own private beach. Here you’ll meet your future soul mate.You will experience the magic of the first meeting, how your hearts touched one another, how your mutual attraction turned into love and deep connection…

And how your relationship is getting stronger and deeper with every day. Based on friendship, respect and honesty. You feel joy, love and happiness pulsing through you.


Domino Guide

Over 100 pages of practical tips, powerful techniques and simple steps to end the pain, heal, and find balance in life quickly.

Domino breakup guide
NO pop psychology, no new-age mambo jumbo, no positive thinking fluff.

You’ll understand WHY it hurts so much and how to stop it. How to break the bond, end the constant haunting thoughts, and release all the negative feelings of anger, fear, loneliness or despair.

You will be able to let go of your past and remove BLOCKS that prevent you from moving on. You will clean up all the clutter in your life and in your soul and prepare for the ONE. You will discover who THE ONE really is. And how to invite your soul mate into your life — even without resorting to all those traditional and tedious ways, like the singles bars or online dating.

You’ll learn why The Law of Attraction is so misunderstood and why it does not work for so many when it comes to love. You will learn some easy (and fun) techniques that will quickly put this powerful force to work for you.

You will FINALLY have it all in life: friendship, companionship, passion, happiness and deep love.

The DOMINO System is based on my own personal experience. No new-age fluff or “bubblegum” quick fixes. I’ve been through a difficult divorce after a 14-year marriage AND a painful break up. I know what it’s like because I’ve been there. I walk the walk. I’ve used personally every single tool and technique . And I’ve been sharing them with hundreds of my clients just like YOU.


You will get the The Domino Guide e-book with dozens of practical steps, techniques and tools. And all four Healing Soundscape audio tracks in MP3 format.


Try It

I understand you may still be be skeptical. And rightly so. There are a lot of quick-fix scams being peddled on the Internet these days as “The Magic Answer”. You and I have been burned before by a bunch of hype.

You really don’t know if The Domino will specifically work for you unless you put it to the test. So here is my invitation. Try it for two full months. You will either heal your heart, release the pain and all those negative feelings, find relief, enjoy life, have more confidence, peace of mind and balance in life, and start the journey towards your new life and LOVE.

Or you might get distracted, you won’t use it, or it’s just not your thing. If that’s the case, you can just take advantage of the 60-day trial. Just send us an email, and we’ll promptly send you a full refund. No questions. No hassle. No hard feelings. And here is the best part…

I’m so confident it WILL work for you just like it did for me and hundreds of others, you will get to KEEP THE ENTIRE PROGRAM – all audio files and The Domino Guide – and you don’t have to return or delete anything, even if you decide it’s not for you. That’s how much I believe in it. And I believe in YOU! Good karma, you know?


“Once you choose hope, anything is possible.”

~ Chrisopher Reeve


Not long ago, I was where you are today. Looking for relief and looking for answers. I finally realized that nothing will change unless I change first.

Isn’t it time to finally make that change? Whether you’re 24, 44, or 64… Man or a woman. There is hope — and ways to turn your life around. Stop the pain and find relief.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the life you’ve always wanted?

I will never pressure you but if your instinct is telling you “YES” — then reach out for my hand and let me help you. I will NOT let you down. If you’re ready to come along on this journey with me I’m excited. If you’re ready, I urge you to please join me now BECAUSE LIFE IS TOO SHORT. I will see you on the inside.

Only $97

The Creator of the DOMINO SYSTEM

PS: Just so you know, there’s nothing “magical” about the Domino System, even though it may seem like it. Sure, it’s responsible for some fast and impressive results. And while that may seem amazing, you should consider this: You and I wake up every morning with a chance for a new beginning – a fresh start. There is always a chance – and a way – with the right tools and help to turn things around quickly.

When you think about it, the odds are really stacked in your favor. When you understand HOW and WHAT to do, it’s pretty hard not to see some amazing results.

My point is, YOU CAN DO THIS. You can make Domino work for you. All you have to do it let me show you HOW.

I’ll see you on the inside!

Get over breakup with domino

Only $97


Please note: This is not a physical product and the images are for illustration purposes only. It is a digital program delivered via the Internet in PDF and MP3 formats. It is affordable because there are no printing or shipping costs. And no waiting or postage — you can access it INSTANTLY anytime from anywhere over the web.